Development Diary: Moscow Rules

Moscowruleslogoby Michael D. SellersMoscow Rules is a project which we are developing at MovieBank Studios and Quantum Entertainment based on true events in Moscow during the height of the Cold War in 1985.  The  story has been classified these many years … until very recently the CIA decided to declassify major portions of it. Our particular angle on it is a little unique in that the film-maker was a participant in the events that will be described, so it will have a higher degree of credibility, and realism, than any other espionage movie attempted.My involvement in the actual events came about as a result of my being assigned to the CIA’s Moscow Station during 1984-86.  During that time I was one of a handful of CIA officers assigned to the US Embassy in Moscow.  Our job was essentially to look like diplomats but–with KGB surveillance following us virtually 100% of the time — figure out ways to meet clandestinely with a very small number of high-level Soviet Agents who were considered to be worth the risk of handling in Moscow’s extremely hostile environment.My own activities in Moscow began in September of 1984 and continued until March of 1986 when I was arrested and eventually expelled from the USSR after a brief stay in Lubyanka Prison. At the time I didn’t know it — but my compromise, which resulted in the death of the agent I was handling, a Soviet KGB officer named Vorontsev, was to become the first of a string of compromises caused by a “mole” in the CIA, Aldrich Ames.  Ultimately as many as a dozen agents were compromised. MoscowmdsarrestIronically enough … when researching this on the internet I came across actual KGB photos of my arrest.  The first one is at the moment of the arrest, and the second one is during my interrogation at Lubyanka, with all the spy gear laid out in front of me.    I will be writing more about this, and putting up a photo gallery.  In the meantime, anyone who is interested in learning more about this can download the file below, which is a very fascinating CIA study, whichMoscowmdsarrest2 the agency recently declassified,   of one of the main cases the CIA was running in Moscow at the time.  I will also be putting up a photo gallery which sheds further light on this project.          Download tolkachev_a_worthy_successor_to_penkovskyu.pdf

~ by Michael Sellers on June 5, 2007.

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