Eye of the Dolphin Star Biographies — KATHARINE ROSS

KATHARINE ROSS – “LUCY”PhotokatharinerossblogIconic actress Katharine Ross was nominated for an Oscar in 1967 for her second screen role as Elaine Robinson in the Academy Award-winning film classic The Graduate, starring along side Dustin Hoffman and Anne Bancroft. She followed up her star-making role with the fire-fighting adventure Hellfighters opposite screen legend John Wayne.Ross next starred in another American classic as the love interest of Paul Newman’s character Butch in Butch Cassidy And The Sundance Kid, co-starring Robert Redford. She again starred with Redford in the gritty drama Tell Them Willy Boy Is Here in 1969 and then played the love-interest of James Garner in the mystery They Only Kill Their Masters. In 1975, Ross starred in another landmark film, The Stepford Wives, a thriller that was recently remade with Nicole Kidman playing the role originated by Ross. Other films featuring Ross include Voyage Of The Damned, The Betsy with Sir Laurence Olivier and The Legacy, where she met her husband Sam Elliot. Audiences today will recognize Ross from the current cult classic Donnie Darko, where she played the pivotal role of Dr. Lilian Thurmond.With Elliot, Ross has a daughter Cleo Rose, and has authored two successful children’s books, Little Ballerina, and My Favorite Things.


~ by Michael Sellers on July 9, 2007.

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