Sidetrip: Moscow Rules Update

by Michael D. SellersIf you’ve been reading here for awhile, you know that a longrange major studios type project of MovieBank and Quantum (i.e. one that’s not going to happen right away) is “Moscow Rules” based on experiences I had in Moscow in 1985-86. Some months back I came across a French language web page which had a nice summation of the history of Moscow Station and in particular had an interesting page on 1985-86. I submitted a comment on that page and recently the author, Cyril Beligtas, who was alert and got back in touch with me. Turns out he’s a Russian emigre law student at the Sorbonne who has been researching this for a few years and probably at this point is one of the world’s top authorities. He’s agreed to provide me with good quality copies of the photos and other stuff from his site, and also help in other ways. The other day he sent me a pic of myself that I hadn’t seen before — a KGB photo taken just as Consular Officer Stuart Parker was given authorization to take me out of Lubyanka and back to the Embassy. Here’s the picture — what a babyfaced kid I was!Cia_sellers1Anyway, here is a link to the English auto-translated version of the website: Moscow Station History 1985-86. Don’t be put off by the “fractured English” …. it’s an auto-translation so it’s not perfect but it’s good enough so that you can understand it.And here is the link to the original French language version of the page. There is also a photo gallery of Moscow Rules photos over on the right column of this blog.


~ by Michael Sellers on January 16, 2008.

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