Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Calderon Dolphins

I’m not big on petition signing but this is one that merits all of our attention.

We all know about the well publicized Taiji Dolphin Slaughter.  Less well known but equally repellent is the annual slaughter of Calderon Dolphins (also known as Pilot Whales), carried out as a bizarre coming of age ritual in Denmark’s Faroe Islands.  It seems that it’s an “age-old” tradition going back to the 1500’s in which teen boys, as a coming of age ritual, engage in the slaughter of hundreds of these cetaceans.  It’s as barbaric as Taiji, and as senseless.

Here is a link to the petition page:

And here is a link to a good discussion of the slaughter:

And here is a link to the Snopes Page confirming that it’s real and discussing it in some detail:

I’m only going to put two photos after the jump.  They’re heartbreaking.


~ by Michael Sellers on December 30, 2009.

8 Responses to “Stop the Senseless Slaughter of Calderon Dolphins”

  1. People seem surprised that they haven’t heard or seen anything about this before. It’s not that anyone has kept this as a secret. The Faroese have killed pilot whales this way for 1200 years at least, never hiding what they were doing because they did not think they had any reason to hide anything. They were just doing what they considered necessary to survive. If you are interested in also hearing “the other side”, then read my blog here:

  2. Today its the 20th Feb and 10 days as past since Micheal urged Rosa to give more information so we can learn about this slaughter of our Pilot whales. I assume she does not have any more comments because she can not justify the incredible cruel behavior of the poeple on Faroe Island.

    • Daniel — I’m not sure, perhaps she didn’t click the option to subscribe to the thread. I’m going to send her an email directly and see if I can get her to respond. Thanks for jumping in on this.

      • Michael, if you can forward her reply or post it here I highly appreciate it. I recently became aware of this behavior. I had no idea that it is ongoing here in Europe. I saw the movie” The Cove” and was so angry and frustrated about the people there.
        All the best.

  3. hi, I’m from the Faroe Islands, and I would like anyone reading this to know, that the killing of pilot whales in the Faroes is not a coming of age ritual, no one is required to join in, and we do it for food. And before you start calling it barbaric, try going to a slaughter house or something, where do you think the meat in the supermarket comes from? The fact that the blood isn’t hidden inside thick walls in the killing of whales doesn’t make it barbaric. 🙂

    • Rosa, thank you for your comment. I would like to learn more. You’ve read the Wikipedia page and the other reports, I presume? How is it that they have it all wrong? I would be happy to hear more and if you could guide me to any web pages or articles that explain it better I would appreciate it. I think your point about what goes on in slaughterhouses is fair, up to a point. Where I would differ with you is that when properly handled, animals in slaughterhouses are not terrorized before they die — they are killed humanely and essentially “never see it coming”. That’s not always the case, I know — but that’s how it’s supposed to be done. Secondly, there is the issue of whether dolphins–calderon or otherwise–are sentient creatures and if so, whether that gives them a status different from cattle and livestock. That’s an issue that is debated within the environmentalists, some of whom feel dolphins and whales should not be singled out for special treatment — while others do. In any event, your comment provides an intriguing perspective and in fairness I would like to hear more.

  4. This is horrible. How has this been going on all these years and we never heard about it? What are the Danes thinking? WTF? Thanks for letting us know. I’m passing along the news of htis.

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