Arum Says Pacquiao-Mayweather is Off

Late word coming from Top Rank headman Bob Arum is that at 8 o’clock tonight, mediator Daniel Weinstein called to say that the Mayweather camp has refused to accept the latest offer and the mega-fight that would have saved boxing is really and truly off.  According to reports, Pacquiao had agreed to blood testing any time up to 24 days prior to the fight, and immediately after it, plus urine tests any time, randomly throughout.

If it turns out to be true (and Arum has called the talks “dead” before — but this seems more definitive) it’s a shame for boxing.   But here’s the thing that’s really on my mind about this.  What, exactly, is Mayweather thinking?  How much doping can someone, anyone, do in a 24 day window during which he is subject to random urine tests throughout.  Yes, some of the new designer PED’s disappear from the bloodstream quickly — but they take months to have an effect, right?  Am I missing something here?  Between blood testing bookended at 24 days and urine testing throughout — how much doping could Pacquiao realistically do?  Am I missing something here?  Someone enlighten me.

An LA times poll has 90% of boxing fans blaming Mayweather or his team for the impasse, and 10% blaming Pacquiao.  Add one more vote to the “Mayweather is to blame” column.


~ by Michael Sellers on January 6, 2010.

2 Responses to “Arum Says Pacquiao-Mayweather is Off”

  1. I think you mention something important — Pinoy pride. I think people over here on this side of the pond forget the perspective that Manny has — as a Filipino being pushed around by mga Kano (the Americans)……I’m glad he stood up to them…..not sure it will be appreciated……we’ll see.

  2. From the looks of it…Pinoy Pride Manny Pacquiao, Pound-for-Pound King & world-champ 7 times over is the one “negotiating” to fight Mayweather. Don’t you think it should be other way around…? Mayweather should be the one begging for a chance to fight the Pinoy phenom…he should be the guy who’s being tested to show the world that his blood and urine samples are not from those of the “chicken” (as everyone now is suspecting). Whoever is handling Manny’s PR machine is doing a great disservice to the ring icon by kowtowing to the wishes of the new “chicken franchise.” WORDS OF ADVICE TO MANNY: You don’t have to prove anything anymore to anyone. Hang up your gloves…so that, the bidding can start to beg you to climb that ring once more for that mega-million Fight of the Century.

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