Update: Avatar Clobbers Titanic’s Fourth Weekend Record of $28m; logs $50.3M to Bring U.S. Total to $430.8M

Avatar continued its rampage through the North American Box Office, logging a record setting $50.3M on this, its 4th weekend, in the process toppling Titanic from the “All-time 4th Weekend” perch at $28m, bringing its US total to $430.8m, tops for any 2009 release and moving into 7th place all-time.  It’s global total now stands at $1.341.7B, second only to Titanic’s now seemingly attainable $1.84B, after pulling in a record $40m first week total from China.   Again, as it has in all previous weekends, Avatar exceeded expectations which were set in the low to mid $40m range. (Yours truly had boldly projected $53m; this is the first time Avatar has fallen short of my projections — but $50.3m on the 4th weekend, with a drop of only 26% when most were projecting a 40% drop, is still extraordinary–and Avatar again had to be upgraded from its original Sunday morning estimate of $48.5 to a Monday afternoon actual of $50.3M)  Avatar remains on track to pass Titanic in mid-February, probably on Valentine’s Day weekend.  Here is the Avatar vs Titanic ‘same number of days in release’ chart, updated to reflect this weekend’s results.

(click to enlarge)

Chart: Avatar vs Titanic After 24 Days


~ by Michael Sellers on January 10, 2010.

6 Responses to “Update: Avatar Clobbers Titanic’s Fourth Weekend Record of $28m; logs $50.3M to Bring U.S. Total to $430.8M”

  1. from box officemojo:

    ‘Avatar’s 4th week was bolstered by its debut in China, where it made an est. $40.2 million, breaking records for opening week and single day ($8.3M on Saturday).

  2. i watched titanic when i was 16 years old.just watch it once. ive watched Avatar in cinema 4 times. still gonna watch for the next weekend. . . hopefully the ticket is not sold out ( crazy, here in malaysia the weekend night ticket Avatar 3D is still sold out!)

    the foreign number much likely been influenced by the screening in China.
    see how the china moviegoers lining up for the imax ticket: this is on 8th january : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wyXP8QGLQJs

  3. foreign gross to date according to boxoffice mojo : $902,100,000 crazy! overall : Worldwide: $1,331,140,000 .. in just 24 days.

    btw, thanks for your analysis. i think your prediction is quite true! looking forward for avatar to sink titanic! LOL!

    • Thanks for the heads up on the new foreign total. I’ve updated the post to reflect it. Those foreign numbers are just sick. BTW — I like Titanic a lot too, don’t mean to dis it in any way. (Yeah, it’s a little ‘girlie’, but — I’ve watched it maybe 8 times, although only twice in theaters). But I think it’s time for T to move over and make way for A — a little sibling rivalry beteen the Cameron kids. 😉

  4. wow! that is very fast article you wrote!

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