Comparing Pacquiao’s Weight Gain to Mayweather and Others

Boxing has largely been relegated to niche-sport status, but one aspect of it that poked its way into the larger sporting concsiousness is the recent controversy in which Floyd Mayweather Jr. essentially accused Manny Pacquiao of ‘juicing’, arguing that his rise through the weights is unprecedented and inexplicable, and demanding unprecedented random urine and blood testing right up to and after the fight.  Pacquiao went along with random urine testing and blood testing up to a cutoff point of 24 days before the fight — and another blood test immediately after the fight.  In the midst of all of this Mayweather and his group made direct accusations that Pacquiao was juicing — causing Pacquiao to bring a defamation suit against Mayweather and company.

In the midst of all of this comes, at last, a thorough an detailed analysis of Pacquiao’s rise through the weight classes compared to Mayweather and others.  It’s by Avi “Shoe Fly” Korine and here’s the chart that lies at the core of the article, and the argument:

The chart seems pretty hilarious when you consider that Mayweather at 16 years old was fighting at 106 lbs, and has fought as high as 154lbs — and Pacquaio at 16 years old was fighting at 106lbs and now fights at 147. There are minor differences regarding when the weight gains happen — but overall it’s a telling article and I recommend it. You can ready more at:

~ by Michael Sellers on January 23, 2010.

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