Latest Avatar vs Titanic Chart As Avatar’s Moves Into 1st Place All Time Foreign Gross

It’s official: With $36M for the Jan 21-23 weekend in the US and another big foreign weekend, Avatar has moved into the number one all time spot in terms of foreign gross, and will overtake Titanic for overall global gross (US + Foreign) in a matter of days. The last record to fall will be the domestic gross record, which is still 10 days or so away, but is no longer in question. Meanwhile Avatar also just set the record for highest sixth weekend gross, ousting Titanic who’s $25 had previously stood as the record.

Here’s a chart showing how the two Cameron behemoth’s stack up through January 23:
Chart Avatar vs Titanic Through January 23


~ by Michael Sellers on January 24, 2010.

2 Responses to “Latest Avatar vs Titanic Chart As Avatar’s Moves Into 1st Place All Time Foreign Gross”

  1. Some sites report that Fox has announced that Avatar has crossed Titanic WW with 1848 Million.

    • I found a few starting to include Monday foreign estimates saying it’s at 1.848 but nothing authoritative yet. It’s already mid morning Monday morning in Asia and early morning in Europe — but if they’re counting while the studios regularly estimate Sunday business on Sunday morning — something they feel pretty confident about based on the Friday/Saturday trend — they don’t usually project Monday in advance. But this may be different. Probably a lot of pressure to “make the call” that Avatar has done it. Fun to monitor — and there’s no doubt the record will indeed be breached on Monday.

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