Tebow Disappoints in Senior Bowl

We’ve all been hearing how Tim Tebow, despite his extraordinary success at the University of Florida, may not be that hot a pro prospect.  Until now I just flat didn’t believe it — I felt pretty certain that the naysayers are going to get their comeuppance — that Tebow’s leadership and learning skills and work ethic would carry him to success in the NFL.  After watching him in today’s Senior Bowl, now I’m not so sure.  He looks slow; awkward; tentative — he telegraphs where he’s going to throw it, then he winds up and releases it so slowly that the defense gets a jump on him.  So how come this wasn’t apparent to me while watching him at Florida?  Was he surrounded by such a great supporting cast that his deficiencies didn’t show?


~ by Michael Sellers on January 30, 2010.

3 Responses to “Tebow Disappoints in Senior Bowl”

  1. I agree somebody will draft him, but not with the intention of him being a QB. I think he’d make a great TE or H-Back and he’s obviously a good locker room presence.

    In a pro-style offense he’d see a significant number of his passes tipped at the line due to his low release, and picked off by linebackers due to his telegraphing windup.

  2. What masked his deficiencies at Florida was only taking about one game’s worth of snaps under center over four seasons’ worth of football. Never having to drop back in the pocket helps mask that his throwing motion is slow and his release point is comically low.

    Tebow has spent four years mastering a niche offense that in the process has stunted his growth in regards to the skills crucial to becoming an NFL quarterback.

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