Disney Catching Flack From Theaters for Its Alice In Wonderland Plans

AMC is threatening to join a boycott started by theaters in the Netherlands  and Great Britain over Disney’s plans to shorten the window between its theatrical and DVD release of the 3D pic Alice In Wonderland from 17 weeks to 12 weeks.  The theater owners fear this move will cut into their theatrical earnings.  Interestingly, this protest emerges at a time when it is Alice and Wonderland which will bump the still-performing Avatar from many of its 3D screens on March 5th.

COMMENT:  I’ve seen the Alice in Wonderland trailer 5 times and not once has there been a ripple of enthusiasm from the audience.  I really think this film is a turkey and that’s interesting given the fact that it’s the film that will push Avatar out of 3D and IMAX theaters.  What happens if it comes out, does alright on it’s opening weekend, then drops 70% in its second frame?  Normally with a picture of this magnitude there’s a guaranteed minimum run, sometimes as long as 12 weeks, and even if Avatar is doing 12-15M per weekend at that point, it would take Alice at least 3 weeks to drop that low. The answer is, probably nothing.  But I wonder if Avatar’s legs has anything to do with aMC’s willingness to dig in its heels and genuinely consider boycotting Alice?


~ by Michael Sellers on February 20, 2010.

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